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The Verified® Refrigerant Charge and Airflow (RCA) System uses computer diagnostic software to ensure that new air conditioners are properly installed. Without this program, many new air conditioners would operate at less than their rated efficiency, wasting precious natural resources and increasing global warming.
Each year approximately 441,000 split-system air conditioning usits are sold in California. Roughly 370,000 are for retrofit applications and 71,000 are for new construction. Approximately 50 to 65 percent of all units are installed with improper refrigerant charge and airflow (RCA) wasting 68 MW and 52 GWh per year. This is enough electricity to power 68,000 homes.
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Verified® P.O. Box 8399 Truckee CA 96162
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Verified, Inc. has trained more than 500 air conditioning technicians on proper RCA. Our training classes provide easy-to-understand methods on RCA and our innovative PDA software puts expert system technology into technician's hands empowering them to be able to quickly check RCA without using complicated cardboard calculators.
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